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"My Dear Tessa, Words fail me - your exceptional talent has been portrayed in the magical form of Man Friday. When the box arrived the excitement was mighty. I ended up in tears staring at this double of MF. Thank you thank you for giving us such happiness and joy."
"Tessa Campbell Fraser is a remarkable and talented sculptress, as well as being a very good artist. The Stewart family have examples of her skills, both on canvas and in bronze, which have been commissioned.  We are very proud of the fantastic work she has done both creatively and of course the quality of the craftsmanship."

- Sir Jackie Stewart -

"...Thank you so much for the lovely work you carried out on the Highland Cow; she is truly magnificent  and we are very proud to have her in our fold. She is a magnificent beast and that's all down to you, so a big thank you."
- Sir Jackie Stewart -
"I have collected and commissioned Tessa Campbell Fraser's work over many years and have enjoyed so much pleasure from all the pieces. She has such a passion for her work and always manages to bring the bronze alive with the spirit and characteristics of the subject. She has a great attention to detail without ever over working the pieces. Her finished sculptures are always exceptional. Having just commissioned three outdoor bronzes, I have found Tessa professional, sensitive and easy to deal with. She is a truly talented artist."

- Mark Cecil -
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