How i work

Throughout history, animals have had a proud tradition in art- from the fantastic pre-historic cave paintings, to the Greeks, the Romans, Stubbs, Marino Marini and beyond.  The artists were not merely being literal in their work, but also creating sensitive, informative and spiritual works of art.

I am essentially a figurative sculptor and painter who thrives on the challenges  of combining these attributes. 

The main sculpture section shows my work from the last four years. 

The painting archive contains some of my earlier work, as well as the recent paintings from Greenland which compliment the polar sculptures.

I am a sculptor who is inspired by life, movement and atmosphere.  My sculpture seeks not only to portray my subject but also to incorporate the very essence of the piece or animal. 

Sculpture is a drawing in three dimensions.  For this reason, the techniques of drawing and sculpture are equally important to each other.  Through drawing I develop my ideas, which are then translated into planes of light in the sculpture – light and texture being a sculptor’s fundamental tools.

To create the atmosphere of a place or a subject,  the work need not always be literal – you create an energy through capturing its essence.  The pose of the sculpture gives it an expressive tension.  I constantly strive to create the maximum energy and try and breathe life into the form. 

To capture human sensibilities is what the best art is all about. 


Tessa Campbell Fraser is accomplished in sculpture, oil painting and watercolour, and has completed many commissions in all mediums. 

She is happy to consider further commissioned pieces - sculpture now being her main focus. 

While she is determined to broaden her vision and sensitivity, she feels it is also necessary to develop her techniques in order to achieve the language that best translates her emotions into something tangible and individual.